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Monday, July 04, 2022

Trinity Mission Trips


Mission Trips:

Trinity's Foreign Mission Trips

Puerto Rico Mission Trip:  November 10-14, 2017
This trip was in response to hurricane Maria.  We took water filters and trained people how to use them.  We will be sending more filters and now have locals who will be able to install them and teach others.  Click here for pictures from our trip.
Dominican Republic Mission Trip:  March 12-18, 2016
We will serve again in LaRomana, Dominican Republic.  We will install water filters in homes in the batays around LaRomana.  We will conduct Vacation Bible Schools, and assist in providing medical and dental clinics.  We will also continue the construction of the school at Ebeneezer Baptist Church.
Dominican Republic Mission Trip:  May 28-June 4, 2015
We will serve again in LaRomana, Dominican Republic.  We will install water filters in homes in the batays around LaRomana.  We will conduct Vacation Bible Schools, and assist in providing medical and dental clinics.  We will also continue the construction of the school at Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

Trinity's 2013-14 Mission Trips

Regional Mission Trip:   July 10-12, 2014
“From 6 to 96 Mission Trip”—Families with 1st through 12th graders as well as all other adults are invited on this Perry County Mission Trip.  (A parent must accompany their child on the trip.)  We will be preparing Albert Turner Elementary School for the 2014-15 school year.  Family projects will include painting, assembling pencil packs, cleaning/re-stocking a food pantry, and landscaping.  Other projects will be available for adults like plumbing repair, room clean-up, power-washing, trimming, weed-eating, and other projects connected to Sowing Seeds of Hope. Projected Cost:  $70 per room/per night; plus $25 per/person (food.)

Foreign Mission Trip:  March 22-29, 2014
We will again be serving the area of La Romana, Dominican Republic.   This year’s trip will consist of construction (a school, water purification building, or chapel), Vacation Bible School, and assisting in providing a medical and dental clinic.  We are also projecting to do water purification projects, visit an orphanage, collect and donate school uniforms and school supplies.  Projected Cost:  $1450 per person (includes airfare, in-country meals, in-country travel, and housing at Casa Pastoral.)  First deposit ($500) deadline/trip commitment is October 27. 

Disaster Relief and Rebuilding Mission Trip(s)
In the event of a disaster in which Trinity is able to help provide assistance, the items that have been collected and stored in the Disaster Relief Immediate Response Closet will be delivered to the affected areas.  These items include:  personal hygiene kits, garbage bags, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and other items.   A request may also be made to the congregation to donate additional items.  These items will go to the affected area or to restock the Disaster Relief Closet.

Disaster Relief and Rebuilding mission trip efforts will be planned, announced, promoted and implemented in conjunction with the Mission Committee.  These types of responses will have to be developed on an “as needed” basis.  The areas could include the Gulf Coast, North Alabama, or other areas of the Southeastern part of the US.  These trips could range from a one day trip, a weekend, or up to a week long trip and cost will be based on housing and meals.      

Trinity's 2011-12 Mission Trips

September 8-11, 2011:  Tornado Relief - We will be working in Lockhart or in Limestone County.
January 12-16, 2012:  Gulf Coast/Katrina Rebuilding
March 10-17, 2012:  Foreign Mission Trip to Dominican Republic - We will be installing a water purification system, constructing a chapel, working with children (VBS, school, etc.)  and possibly some other areas.  The projected cost for the trip in March will be $1,250.00 per person.

Trinity’s 2010-11 Mission Trips

October 21-24, 2010:  Perry County; Self-help housing, senior adult ministry, etc.
January 13-17, 2011:  Katrina Clean-up Gulf Coast (MLK Jr. week-end); Disaster Relief Trip and possibly working with children.
March 11-19, 2011:  Santiago, Chile; 250 of the 500 Baptist Churches in Chile were damaged or destroyed in the recent earthquake.  (Estimated cost:  $2,000 per/person; each person will be offered a $500 scholarship to lower the trips cost to $1,500!  Ministry will include chapel construction, VBS, and other outreach opportunities.              
June 1-7, 2011:  Tuxpan, Mexico; Pavilion construction, VBS, school visitation, etc (estimated cost:  $1,300 per/person). 

Other Mission Dates

September 19, 2010:  Foreign Mission Trip (Chile and Mexico) Interest Lunch, 11:30 a.m.
October 3, 2010:  Foreign Mission Trip (Chile and Mexico) Meeting, 4:30 p.m.
October 27, 2010:  Wednesday night Mexican dinner Foreign Mission Trip fundraiser; 5-6:00 p.m.
October 31, 2010:  Foreign Mission Trip Deadline and initial deposits are due.
May 21, 2011:  Applebee’s Mission’s Pancake Fundraiser.
TBA:  Spring Wednesday night dinner Foreign Mission Trip fundraiser. 

Adult Trips

May 2003                              Mission Trip to Perry County, Alabama
July 2003                              Mission Trip to Guadapari, Brazil
May 2004                              Mission Trip to Perry County, Alabama
June 2004                             Mission Trip to Guadapari, Brazil
June 2005                             Mission Trip to Guadapari, Brazil
June 2006                             Mission Trip to Guadapari, Brazil
June 2007                             Mission Trip to Guadapari, Brazil
June 2008                            Mission Trip to El Paso, Texas
June 2009                             Mission Trip to Tuxpan, Mexico
October 2009                       Mission Trip to Gulf Coast
February 2010                      Mission Trip to Perry County, Alabama
March 13-20, 2010              Mission Trip to Tuxpan, Mexico

Youth Trips

May 2003                         Trip to Perry County, Alabama
March 2004                     Music and Missions Trip to New York
January 2006                 Gulf Coast - Hurricane Cleanup
January 2007                 Gulf Coast – Hurricane cleanup
January 2008                 Mississippi Coast – Hurricane cleanup
January 2009                 Perry County